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We advocate property management to create the valuable company portfolio and execute the research of the current and expected future market trends to optimising shareholder value.

Strike the valuable Asset

We have built our value asset throw our market connection to enhance our company asset portfolio.

Adorn your Inner World

We provide specialising and comprehensive building design to our valuable customer for create better living space.

Politeness Goes Far, Yet Costs Nothing

We provide the professional building maintenance for our customer to maintain the quality and comfortable lifestyle.

About Us

DS Asia Group was established in 2019, initially focusing on property acquisition, renovation, and subsequent leasing or sale. Since 2020, the company has experienced rapid growth and now boasts a diverse portfolio of property types, including land, factories, commercial buildings, retail spaces, private townhouses, and private apartments, among others.

Our occupancy rate is an impressive 95%. Our clientele spans various sectors, including commercial law firms, retail chains, office spaces, private tenants, families, students, teachers, and healthcare professionals.

We adhere to a clear business philosophy, providing compliant units and continuously upgrading our facilities for diverse clientele. The company's leadership meticulously assesses the geographic locations of each property to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our properties are spread throughout Malaysia.

DS Asia Group takes pride in its efficient and collaborative renovation team. Our management team possesses extensive experience and expertise in this field, dedicated to delivering outstanding service to our clients. Our team works closely together, striving for collective success.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that many reputable manufacturers place their trust in us and engage in long-term partnerships. This trust is built on our professional knowledge and excellent service track record in property acquisition and leasing. These manufacturers have confidence in our capabilities, and our enduring relationships bring mutual success.


Provide outstanding commercial and accommodation solutions to our customer base, meeting their basic needs through safe, hygienic, and convenient accommodation facilities. Our customer base includes commercial units, office buildings, retail spaces, private townhouses, and private apartments, among others. We are committed to delivering high-quality properties, creating a positive working environment, helping our customers attract more foot traffic, and enhancing the quality of modern living.


Become a leader in the commercial and residential real estate sector, providing excellent accommodation solutions to our clients, and facilitating the success of their businesses. We strive for continuous improvement and innovation to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers while contributing to the company's sustainable growth and social responsibility. Our goal is to offer comfortable, convenient, and secure accommodations to a broader range of industries, setting the benchmark in the field and not only meeting our customers' needs but also establishing a standard of excellence in the industry.


Client Say's

Customers satisfaction always are our glory. Our team always provide the best location and services for you.

Property Type

DS Asia Group owned a total of 7 types of property which included:

4 Units
Shop Lots
37 Units
Apartments / Condominiums
42 Units
Landed Houses
22 Units
282 Units
3 Units
2 Units

Success Counts

DS Asia Group Management Team



Our team leader have more than 15 years of related industrial and renovation team, to analysis strike and lead to success.



We have more than 988 units properties include building, shop lots, apartments condominiums/ landed houses, flats, lands and factories. (Record as at June 2024)


Regular Clients

We have strong management team to support more than 120 customers base, and provide best services.

Our Customers

Some of the great brands we've partnered.

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No.42, Jalan Yeap Chor Ee, Kampung Kastam, 11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang.
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